Capital is easy to come by.  Yep.  Crowdfunding, friends & family, institutional investors, angels - even traditional financing via personal savings accounts - give every start-up financial resources.

With Graphene, a capital placement is just the beginning.  As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve built our firm with the pillars that will grow a business rapidly and give the entrepreneurial team peace of mind:

  • Operating executive expertise to quickly scale a business into a multi-million dollar enterprise
  • Strong ties with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies
  • Follow-on capital from Graphene and from co-investors in California and the Midwest  
  • Specialty in Go To Market / Sales & Marketing initiatives
  • Preserving employee’s equity pool
  • Partner not just investor
  • Founder’s DNA 

We partner with founders to help them reach heights they had not imagined.  Join us for the ride.