Our team have all been in the entrepreneurs’ shoes;  as dreamers, as builders, as operators, as paradigms of excellence.

They know the thrills of being in the arena. 



Nabil A. Borhanu -  President & Managing Member

Nabil has had a successful career building high-growth businesses across the telecom services, sports and media industries.  Combining strong executive management mindset with entrepreneurial resourcefulness, Nabil had collectively grown these business over $80M within 4 years.  

Nabil's integrity and passion for supporting entrepreneurs guides his activities at Graphene and are evident in every interaction.



Alex Giannikoulis - General Partner

Alex has 15 years experience creating and leading sales teams in entrepreneurial environments in the ICT industry.  Both of the previous start-ups Alex was involved in were sold to publicly-listed companies: DeltaThree & Level 3.    His specialties are helping companies with Go To Market planning, helping companies reach their first $15M ARR and enabling companies for triple-digit YoY growth.

Alex earned an Economics and Communications degree from Northwestern.  He’s an average runner, a recreational cyclist and a proud father of two daughters.

Mariam Amin - Principal

Mariam specializes in deal flow management, company analysis, and advisory services for world-renowned technology startups and venture capital firms throughout Silicon Valley.

Prior to working as an Advisor and Startup Attorney for clients such as Tech Law Garden and 500 Startups, she worked at Sequoia Capital, where she analyzed and assisted in growth stage opportunities between $10 million and $50 million.

Mariam holds a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and a J.D. from GGU Law School.